A Blog Eh?

As I’m sitting here sick on my couch, beginning the 10th Netflix episode of the day, I realized something. I really am quite a boring person. Sure I go to school, work, hang out with my friends, but that’s just normal. The only time I really feel “at home” is when I am immersed in my love of politics.

Sophomore year of college I enrolled in a political science class to fulfill a generals category of my degree. A waste of time personally, but don’t get me started on that. My professor, still one of close friends today, is the reason I chose the major and lifestyle I appreciate in myself. After deciding to become a political science major, despite many people urging me away from it, I finally felt at home. I joined the College Democrats, where I met the closest friends I have today. Without that class, I would be graduating with just an Economics degree having no idea what to do with my life.

Politics isn’t just something to argue over or have different opinions on, it’s a way of life. I see many things differently than I did before, and I recognize my ignorance and stupidity of such. Leading a rally against Budget Cuts, meeting with Senators at the Capitol, and roadtriping across WI with some of the most active students I know changed who I am as a person and I will forever be grateful for that one class I by chance signed up for my sophomore year.

I have no idea where this blog will go, but I sure know what I want to talk about. Few people know the real me and it’s been too long and stressful holding all of my struggles in by myself. I hope through writing my blog will help me overcome some of my difficulties and problems. I’ll write about my high school life, eating problems and depression, and my personal growth and life.

Politics isn’t everything, but it sure isn’t something that I can look forward to being involved in for my whole life. And this blog is just that, democracy at its finest.

Dem on,




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